36FVE Collection

365 days Frits van Eldik collection A2 format - 1 piece print run

All of a sudden you have an idea, only to find out that the deadline to turn it into reality is actually too tight. We will just do it anyway, even though we really have to get things underway in the first weeks of 2019. What is the idea? Starting January 1st 2019 every day, I will be offering a photo print for purchase. A photo printed DIN A2 size (42 x 59.4 cm, 16.5 x 23.4 inch) in a limited edition of 1. I will do so for 365 days. Therefore, it is called ‘FvE 365 Photo Print Project’. Every day, I will be posting a photo that from then on is available for purchase at 365 Euros. To make it even more fun, I will donate 25 Euros from the purchase price to Only Friends (https://onlyfriends.nl), a sport club for children and youngsters with a limitation. The photos can be from the archive, but also photos taken that very day. All of them are photos of which I think they are worth to be put on the wall, my own selection of photos available for everyone. Each photo will come with a certificate of authenticity and my personal text concerning the photo.