LED Light Panels

After several successful exhibitions, in collaboration with our producer, we have found the perfect setting for the LED light panels that is of such high quality that the photo, as it were, “comes to life”. 

Unique for every room you live in and available in 6 sizes. 


120 x 080 x 5.5 cm
180 x 120 x 5.5 cm
210 x 140 x 5.5 cm
300 x 200 x 5.5 cm 

120 x 120 x 5.5 cm
150 x 150 x 5.5 cm.

Born in 1969, Frits van Eldik decided to sell his photos in a limited edition of 69 pieces per size. When purchasing a photo, the buyer will receive an original, numbered certificate signed by the photographer himself. 

For more information, prices and options, please contact Ruby Bouwmeester via [email protected] or via 06-22472223.