Cookies policy Frits van Eldik Photography
What are cookies?
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Cookies policy Frits van Eldik Photography
What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by the website you are currently visiting. During a subsequent visit to this website, cookies ensure that your browser is immediately recognized.

Thanks to cookies, you do not have to enter or download the same information each time you return to us. Through cookies, we also see how you use our webshop and what we can still improve. Furthermore, we use cookies for marketing purposes.

The use of cookies is of great importance for the proper running of our website, but also cookies of which you do not immediately see the effect (such as Google Analytics) are very important. Without anonymous input from visitors, we have no idea of ​​the use of the website and how we can improve it.
The use of cookies by Frits van Eldik Photography.

Frits van Eldik Photography uses three types of cookies, which are described below.

Cookies for functional purposes: to facilitate navigation and ordering on the webshop of Frits van Eldik Photography or to remember settings and / or preferences when using the Frits van Eldik Photography webshop.
Example: you place a product in the shopping cart and do not charge it. Because of the cookie, the product is still in the shopping basket when you visit our webshop.
Google Analytics cookies for analytical purposes: with these cookies we look at how you use the Frits van Eldik Photography webshop, and where you come from. We mainly use this information to improve the usability of our webshop.
Example: it is possible to keep track of how many visitors visit a particular web page, so that Frits van Eldik Photography knows which elements of its webshop are popular. For this purpose, Frits van Eldik Photography has a processor agreement with Google. In addition, the last octet of the IP address is masked i.v. the privacy of our visitors. Frits van Eldik Photography has plotted data, Frits van Eldik Photography also does not use other Google services in combination with Google Analytics cookies.

The site includes buttons for promoting or sharing pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and providing feedback on our services through the Feedback Company. These buttons are pieces of code from the social / review media itself, and use a cookie. The cookies remember that you are logged in so that you do not have to log in on Twitter or Facebook every time you want to share something. To see what they do with personal data that they receive with this code, you can view the privacy statements of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (which can change regularly).

Remove and refuse cookies

Via the browser settings on your computer you can delete placed cookies and refuse the placing of new cookies. If necessary, consult the help function of your browser. In addition, you can refuse most of the cookies that are placed when using the Frits van Eldik Photography webshop, both individually and collectively via Here you can also see which of the cookies mentioned are active on your browser.

Please note: if you refuse and / or delete cookies, the webshop can no longer function fully and properly. In addition, the refusal and removal of cookies only affect the computer and browser on which you perform this operation.


The privacy policy applies to the personal data that Frits van Eldik Fotografie possibly processes on the basis of the placed cookies.

Modification of this Declaration

Frits van Eldik Photography reserves the right to make changes to this cookie policy. Every modification will be published on this page. We advise you to consult this cookies policy regularly, so that you are always aware of the content of the applicable cookies policy.