About Frits van Eldik

At a young age, Frits van Eldik already knew what he wanted to become. His father was a garage owner whose hobby was photography. The combination of cars and photography was born. “I thought it was magical when my father transformed the kitchen into a dark room and then used liquid to turn a piece of paper into a photo. “That fascinated me.” 

Like all photographers of his generation, he took his first steps in photography with analog equipment. He visited karting tracks, rallies and races at Zandvoort. The limitations imposed by rolls of film with only 36 exposures still make you think before you take a photo. In 1991, Frits was able to make motorsport photography his full-time job. 

The classic race circuits are Frits' favorite. Not because of nostalgia, but because they have character. “In my field, it is not only important that your photos radiate action and dynamism, but that you can also see where a photo was taken.” Suzuka, Monza, Spa and Le Mans are Frits' favorite circuits. 

Frits van Eldik, who has been active as a motorsport photographer for over 35 years, has photographed more than 450 Formula 1 Grands Prix and, among other things, participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 26 times.

If the work allows it, Van Eldik always tries to create a different image than his colleagues.

Much of that work is now available in print. 

Frits: “After flying around the world for 35 years, it is now time to showcase my photo artworks."